E-mobility, connectivity and autonomous driving all increase the technologization of cars with ever-increasing complexity. This results in a need for specialists with a wide range of skills in the vehicle parts trade. An automotive industry software solution may make everyday work easier for employees, thus increasing the attractiveness of a company as an employer.

Technical knowledge, electronic and statistical knowhow: Employees in the vehicle parts trade employees face diverse challenges. Qualified specialists are becoming more and more important, and also more difficult to find. Modern digital technologies enhance employer attractiveness in the automotive industry. Young employees in particular have increasingly come to expect state-of-the-art innovative systems with high usability. Higher automation means that an ERP solution geared to the automotive industry not only promise to compensate for the shortage of human resources, but also increase employee motivation by relieving skilled workers from tedious, time-consuming routine tasks while reducing error susceptibility, which in turn reduces stress among the employees involved.

How do customized IT solutions help? By centrally storing and managing all data, an ERP solution tailored to the automotive industry boosts efficiency in order creation, delivery and return processes. Seamless information flows translate to faster completion across work processes. System support saves up to half of the time taken in processing returns alone.

Increased transparency also reduces error rates – that is, the number of returns. This translates to an increase in the quality of work done by employees with fewer awkward situations arising from delivery failures. Employees have more time to focus more on personal customer relations, keeping their service promise and strengthening their service. In addition, fewer employees are required to handle digital rather than analogue core processes.

Advantages of a specialized ERP solution tailored to the automotive industry

Ensuring seamless service processes requires a specialized automotive ERP solution. Opting for intuitive solutions addressing industry-specific requirements prevents long familiarization phases. A cloud-based solution comes with further advantages such as by supporting mobile workplaces from any end device. This in turn can have a positive impact on the work-life balance of the staff.