“Future-proof reorientation in the automotive parts wholesale trade”

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM) industry is undergoing radical change. According to McKinsey & Company, digitization, electromobility, automated driving and networked vehicles are the causes of disruptive trends in the automotive aftermarket. They are accompanied by economic challenges such as increased competition from emerging markets and new suppliers in local markets.

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“Future-oriented IT landscapes for automotive parts suppliers”

Information technology is the backbone of every company. Due to the increasing digitalization of processes in many areas, such as development, production, logistics, but also in customer relations, IT is increasingly faced with strategic tasks in the company in addition to service and support.

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“More process efficiency for internal logistics in the automotive parts trade”

The automotive aftermarket can be very proud of its logistics. It is fast, efficient and well organised. With a delivery rate of over 95 percent and more than three deliveries per day, it is currently even superior to the tied market. But good is not good enough.

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“What does Business Value Management have in store for you?”

Business Value Management helps you to analyze your own industry and the competition and automatically generate valuable insights. This allows individual potentials to be derived and IAM companies to position themselves futureproof in the market and react to changes without any problems.

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