Future-oriented IT landscapes for automotive parts suppliers

Information technology is the backbone of every company. Due to the increasing digitalization of processes in many areas, such as development, production, logistics, but also in customer relations, IT is increasingly faced with strategic
tasks in the company in addition to service and support.
The upcoming changes in the automotive parts wholesale market also require a flexible, scalable and high performance IT landscape. In order to provide future-proof systems, it is necessary to move away from established IT silo landscapes, as these are increasingly proving to be a brake on growth.
By choosing a suitable platform, information technology can support future business requirements and the growth of the company.

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This whitepaper explains:

  • The industry in upheaval – What is happening in the automotive aftermarket today and in the future?
  • What is changing in the company?
  • No more IT silos: IT landscape as a brake on growth – what problems can arise and how can they be solved?
  • The right platform can make you fit for the future – and how can you do that?
  • The 5 most urgent questions about ERP