Taking the direct route: Speed is very important in the automotive spare parts supply business. The right part delivered at the right place and at the right time is an order executed to perfection. This plays a crucial role with the increasing competitive pressure in the independent aftermarket (IAM) – not least where shipping is outsourced to suppliers specialized in warehousing and logistics. An ERP system for the automotive industry helps optimize logistics to compete with specialist suppliers.

An ERP system tailored to the automotive industry shows its strengths along the entire supply chain from managing orders to planning routes to processing returns. In this context process automation is an important aspect. A close connection between ERP and online trading is essential in optimizing the order process.

Integrating a telematics solution also plays a key role in timely delivery by increasing efficiency in route planning. The important thing is to force a direct link between the telematics system and a powerful and flexible ERP solution designed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. A single integrated system supports with the entire value-added chain quickly and seamlessly from order creation to delivery and returns management.

Flawless processes using an ERP solution for the automotive industry

Access to central IT systems from a mobile device further improves efficiency – a smartphone app enables employees to access the ERP system directly from the online store system where automated order processing begins. ERP solutions tailored for the automotive industry also boost transparency by making it easier to track delivery processes.

Error rates are minimized as well; predefined processes leading safely and automatically practically eliminate mistakes, with vehicle parts reaching the intended destination on time, every time.