Successful migration to a forward-looking platform: The Swiss Automotive Group (SAG), one of the largest automotive spare parts providers in Europe, has introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. In order to achieve a smooth integration of industry-specific processes, SAG relies on the gevis ERP | AX software solution by the Münster-based GWS Group. The overall aim of the migration to the new cloud platform is to equip the Swiss company’s ERP landscape for the disruptive challenges of the independent sub-market.

“Disruptive technology trends such as e-mobility, the networking of vehicles or autonomous driving will change our market significantly in the coming years,” says Peiman Safiari, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at SAG. The flexibility and adaptability of IT systems in the future will therefore be more critical than ever. “With our previous ERP solution, we would not have been able to keep up with these developments.”

SAG therefore decided to merge key business processes on a new IT platform. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365), SAG today relies on a cloud-based system that provides greater transparency and flexibility in integrating new technologies. Another advantage is the ability to access all ERP functions on a location-independent basis. This makes the exchange of data between SAG’s international subsidiaries possible, without system breakdowns.


Integrating industry-specific processes with gevis ERP | AX

In order to integrate classic trading functions and processes smoothly, SAG added the gevis ERP | AX product solution. GWS Group’s system is designed to integrate data streams of connected special solutions into ERP processes and to merge them on one platform. Here, the focus was on integrating a scanner solution from AIS and the GWS solution bi1 for business analyses. For procurement management, SAG implemented LogoMate by Remira.


Resource and cost savings as a result

While the full roll-out of the new IT platform is currently being prepared at SAG’s Swiss offices, D365 is already being used successfully in all Austrian branches of the Group. Among other things, SAG is benefiting from a noticeable optimization of warehouse management and scheduling. The Group has been able to improve its forecasting and enjoy a more effective transport management system, as well as a much more precise assortment control.
“With this ERP solution we can cover any future business requirements. This is a quantum leap in organization,” says Safiari. Switching to a cloud-based solution in combination with gevis ERP | AX makes it possible to lay the groundwork for better and more efficient processes. “This inevitably leads to savings in resources, and therefore costs for SAG.” With regard to the scanner solution for the “last mile,” AIS’s Telematics system was convincing, also due to the proven, smooth interaction of the two IT systems.


Praise for the partner

SAG has had no regrets about relying on GWS in transitioning to a new ERP system: “Our partner’s employees have been closely involved in our daily work in order to analyze our processes. They have acted as central contact points, streamlining the channels of coordination with our providers,” says Safiari. This has made a very efficient project management possible. With 3,200 employees and more than 200 branches, SAG is one of the largest suppliers in the European automotive spare parts sector and the market leader for spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Switzerland and Romania. The company also has a presence in Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. The product portfolio covers more than 250,000 items. These include service and repair parts, lubricants, chemicals, car accessories, workshop equipment and consumables.